Mary Aslin Once a Mapmaker

Publication: Coast Magazine
Publication Month: May
Publication Year: 2011
Publication Date: 5/1/2011

Mary Aslin, now an accomplished artist, recalls how, when she was a young newlywed, she wanted to be a fine artist; but she became a mapmaker until her triplets were born. When the children were 10 months old, she took her first oil painting class.Once they were in bed, she would paint, often until 1 a.m., or when her schedule allowed.Moving from portraits to commissioned work, Aslin applied artistic theories to her work as she became more professional and her reputation grew. She made sure “to always keep her brush wet,” even when the demands of being a homemaker, wife and mother allowed her only a spoonful of time for her art, often including the children in art projects, which enriched family time.

Now that the triplets are grown, Aslin spends up to 12 hours a day drawing and painting. Currently, she works mainly in soft pastels, striving for a realistic, classic look based on an abstract foundation, thumbnail sketches and rigorously planned compositions. She develops the understructure, light and shadows, and internal rhythms of colors, shapes and textures, creating art that seems to transcend time. It is created by a contemporary woman with a profound and dedicated vision, who focuses her life on family and art – and excels in both.

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